Professional development of the senior public service corps


Today, public administration is facing significant problems caused by the war. That is why ensuring the full functioning of state institutions and the provision of services to citizens in wartime has become one of the main challenges for the public administration system. The heads of public authorities have done and continue to do their best to fulfil their tasks and functions in order to meet the urgent needs of the citizens and to maintain a sustainable basis for the country’s further development after the war. At the same time, the civil service is a link between the state and citizens and serves as an indicator of the level of trust in the government, so it is important to ensure its effective operation both during the war and post-war periods.

In view of this, the senior civil service faces new challenges, namely the transformation and construction of a socially oriented, service-oriented model of public service, which should be based on the use of the latest approaches to organising interaction with citizens to ensure the proper quality of public services.  The reconstruction of the country requires, on the one hand, a European vector of development, and, on the other hand, a new view of both the management of socio-economic processes and the mission of the state and civil servants in general.

The High School is the only postgraduate education institution that provides professional development and advanced training for public servants – persons holding political positions, public servants of category A, heads of local state administrations, their first deputies and deputies, local government officials, and members of local councils.

In accordance with the Order of the NAUCS of 20 February 2023 No. 22-23 “On Amendments to the Order of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service of 24 August 2022 No. 74-22” and the Schedule of Professional Development of Public Servants, Heads of Local State Administrations, their First Deputies and Deputies, Local Government Officials, the High School is scheduled to provide professional development for public servants  of category A in 2023 under

  • short-term training programmes – 226 people;
  • short-term training programmes – 226 people;
Programme titleECTS creditsDuration of study
1.GSPDP “Technologies of manipulative influence and counteraction to provocations in professional and business life”1 ECTSApril
2.GSPDP “Functioning of the public  service institute in crisis and post-crisis periods based on the experience of the European Union member states”0.33 ECTSApril
3.GSPDP “Reforming the public administration system of Ukraine in accordance with the European standards of good administration”0.5 ECTSMay
4.GSPDP “Cybersecurity system of a state institution from A to Z”1 ECTSApril-May
5.GSPDP Crisis management in case of information threats0.5 ECTSJune
6.GSPDP “Formation of the image and brand of a public servant”1 ECTSJune
7.GSPDP “Efficiency management and personnel development”1 ECTSJune
8.GSPDP “Use of digital tools in the activities of public authorities”0.5 ECTSAugust
9.GSPDP “Gender-oriented governance”0.5 ECTSJuly-August
10.GSPDP Financial literacy1 ECTSJuly
11.GSPDP “Supporting the activities of public authorities under martial law”1 ECTSAugust
12.GSPDP “Euro-Atlantic Integration and Functioning of the National Resilience System”0.5 ECTSSeptember
13.GSPDP Public Policy1 ECTSSeptember
14.GSPDP “Protocol and Etiquette”0.5 ECTSSeptember

The professional development of public servants of category A will be ensured within the framework of the general (certificate) professional programme “School of Strategist” supported by the SURGe project. 

The main objective of the project is to introduce effective tools to ensure the development of professional competencies of the senior public service corps as a new generation of highly educated Ukrainian leaders and professionals for the strategic transformation and reconstruction of the state.

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. Formation of key competencies for the development and implementation of a strategic approach in public administration: understanding of strategic management models, preparation and implementation of development strategies, team building and effective team interaction, leadership for change, organisational transformation and strategic planning.
  2. Creation of preconditions for the formation of an integrated system of state strategic planning for the development and recovery of Ukraine.
  3. Training in innovative technologies, development of skills in the use of innovative technologies for strategic planning and management, and the use of benchmarking technologies in public administration.
  4. Increasing the level of professional competence of category A public servants, providing the necessary knowledge for strategic management and effective decision-making.

For more information on the implementation of programmes for senior public servants, please contact Oleksandra Hlukh, Leading Specialist of the Centre for Management Competence Development(tel. 044 223 49 26, email:

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