A pool of transitional justice trainers is being formed at the High School of Public Governance

10.05 2023

On May 10, 2023, the High School of Public Governance held a training for trainers on transitional justice, implemented in partnership with the MATRA project “Good Governance and Integrity in the Public Sector in Ukraine”, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Hague Academy of Local Government.

The importance of transitional justice for both public servants and all citizens of Ukraine was emphasized by Natalia ALIUSHYNA, Head of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, in her welcoming speech to the participants.

In turn, the Hague Academy of Local Self-Government has developed an online course on transitional justice for the needs of public servants, which will help students master the basic principles, tasks and mechanisms of transitional justice as a tool for post-war justice and punishment of war criminals.

 “Currently, the High School is forming a “pool of trainers” who will disseminate knowledge on transitional justice among public officials in the future. This step will ensure the proper level of professionalization of public servants in post-conflict settlement, justice, and punishment for the most serious crimes related to human rights violations and violations of human dignity,” emphasized the Head of the Agency.

Representatives of central executive authorities, higher education institutions, as well as regional coordinators of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights and judges joined the training.