A memorandum was signed with the All-Ukrainian public organization “Association of Small Cities of Ukraine”

06.07 2023

On July 6, 2023, Yuliia Lykhach, Director of the High School of Public Governance, and Pavlo Kozyrev, Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Association of Small Cities of Ukraine”, signed a memorandum of cooperation between the High School of Public Governance and the All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Association of Small Cities of Ukraine”.

The purpose of the memorandum is to consolidate efforts aimed at conducting training and raising the level of professional competence of local self-government officials, heads of local state administrations, their first deputies and deputies, heads of local state administrations under the legal regime of martial law, as well as post-war reconstruction, and to promote regional development on a subregional basis. When signing the memorandum, the parties agreed to cooperate in the following areas:

– organizing and holding joint events;

– strengthening the potential of educational programs through the development of standardized certification programes, creation and maintenance of a knowledge base;

– creation of a system of continuous professional development of employees in the regions;

– mutual exchange of information and materials for the preparation of general and special training programs for employees in the regions;

– cooperation in developing and jointly participating in awareness raising, communication and educational activities.

The joint activities also include organizing and conducting joint training events, seminars, roundtables, scientific and practical conferences, forums, meetings and other outreach activities. “This step is important in terms of facilitating access to modern and relevant knowledge by regional authorities and improving the efficiency of regional authorities, and will contribute to a fairer society where everyone has the opportunity to receive the necessary administrative services, support and protection. We are working for the victory of Ukraine,” emphasized Yuliia Lykhach.